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  • U9264H-EPON Common elements with U9264
  • Redundant Switch & Processor Unit(SCU)
  • Network Interface Unit (LIU-x)

U9264H-EPON Common elements with U9264

  • Redundant Switch & Processor Unit(SCU)
  • Network Interface Unit (LIU-x)
  • Redundant Power Supply Unit (AC/DC)
  • All Units are Hot-swappable

The ubiQuoss U9264H is a high density, high capacity, and multi-functional GE-PON FTTH Optical Line Terminal. U9264H, built on a high capacity Layer 3 switch platform, is an efficient and cost effective solution optimized for service providers to offer reliable TPS services over GE-PON network.

U9264H has total 14 slots that can accommodate 2 SCUs(Switch & Control units), 2 PSUs(Power Supply Units), 2 LIUs(Line Interface Units), and 8 PIUs(PON Interface Units). The LIU slots of U9264H can accept 8-port 1G card, 2-port 10G card, or 4-port 10G card up to 2 slot cards, meanwhile the PIU slots can accept 8-port 1.25G GE-PON up to 8 slot cards.

U9264H adapts full redundancy design of SCU and PSU to improve availability and reliability of system. On top of that, U9264H offers Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 routing, QoS, OAM, Security and IPv6 features as well.

U9264H can accommodate maximum 4096 subscribers in a typical GE-PON deployment with 1:64 splits, since it can support total 64 PON ports.

  • Easy and flexible deployment
  • 19” Chassis with 8 RU Height, 14 slots
  • All Front Access
  • Non-blocking architecture
  • Packet processing functionalities for IP-based “Triple Play Service” delivery
  • 960Gbps switching capacity, 10GE based next generation platform
  • Full Redundancy design (SCU, PSU, PIU)
  • Max. 64 GE-PON

System Architecture

  • 14 slots, 8RU, 19 mounting
  • 3 FAN Module
  • AC / DC Power Module(Redundancy)

Module based High Capacity L3 switching GE-PON Common Platform

  • 2 slots Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • 8 slots PON Interface Unit (PIU)
  • 2 slots Line Interface Unit (LIU)
  • 2 slots Switch & Control Module (SCU)

  • Switching capacity: 960Gbps/357Mpps
  • Switching Fabric: 80G per slot
  • Subscriber capacity: 64 GE-PON Max. 4096 subscribers(1:64 splits)
  • All Cards and Modules support Hot-swapping

PON interface

  • Max. 8 slots: up to 64 PONs
  • 8-port GE-PON module (Up to 64 GE-PON ports, 8 slots)

Network interface

  • Max. 2 slots available for below slot cards:
  • 8-port 1GE card with 1000Base-T interface
  • 8-port 1GE card with 1000Base-X interface
  • 2-port 10GE card
  • 4-port 10GE card

Fully Redundant System

  • Switch & Control Card(SCU)
  • AC/DC Power Supply Unit(PSU)
  • Any two PON ports from any two PIU cards

  • Support Various SFP/XFP transceiver
  • Management:1-port 100Base-Tx & RS-232
  • IPv4 / IPv6(planned)
  • 10Km/20Km at different splits (32) at -22dBM(Basic) or -27dBM(Optional)
  • S/W Upgrade without service interruption
  • Loop-Back Test Function

RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator)

  • Detects (Senses) and indicates EPON signal strength by checking Rx/Tx signal of ONTs.

Automatic Laser Diode Shutdown (in case of ONT fault)

  • Detects any ONT working in continuous mode and shutdown the laser diode of the ONT to prevent
    service failure over PON network.

Product Specification 


Slot capacity 

14 slots 

Full-duplex Switching Capacity 


System Throughput 

357 Mpps 

Full-duplex Capacity per slot 

80G per slot 

Physical Dimension 

437mm(W) x 354.4mm(H) x 295mm(D) : 19 inch Rack Mount, 8 RU height 

Chassis per rack 

4 chassis(2200mm : 45RU) 

Electrical specifications (AC/DC) 


Total power Consumption 

Max. 800W 

Rated input voltage 

210~240VAC(47~63Hz), -48VDC 

Environmental conditions 



-20 ~ 60C 



Management Interfaces 

RS-232C, 10/100 Base-T 



PON Features 

Max 4 bidirectional unicast LLID per ONU Max 256 bidirectional unicast LLID per OLT port Wire speed processing 1.25 Gbps upstream/downstream rate 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption engine for PON security and privacy with up to 128 unique keys Forward Error Correction(FEC) encoding and decoding Flexible optical transceiver interface for multiple vendor support Hardware-based configurable Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) IEEE 802.1D bridging: 8K MAC Address learning and aging on local interface IEEE 802.1p with four priority queues IEEE 802.1Q VLAN mapping Supports Local and Remote Loop-back test  

L2 Features 

Max 32K Mac Address Table Limiting No. of MAC Address per Subscriber Enable/Disable MAC Learning Configurable Learned MAC aging time Max 4K VLANs, 802.1Q Support Private VLAN 802.1ad Q-in-Q Tagging/Stacking Port to VLAN Mapping Service to VLAN Mapping 802.3ad Link Aggregation Load-balancing based on source and destination MAC/IP 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol(STP) 802.1w Rapid STP(RSTP) 802.1s Multiple STP(MSTP) Rapid Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus(RPVST+) IGMP v1/v2/v3, snooping Max 4K Group Support Static Mac Address Ethernet Jumbo Frame Port Mirroring 

L3 Features 

Static Routing RIPv2(IPv4) RIPng(IPv6) OSPFv2(IPv4)/v3(IPv6) BGP4(IPv4)/4+(IPv6) VRRPv2(IPv4)/v3(IPv6) PBR(Policy Based Routing) ECMP Max 8 Routes Max 12K Routing Entries PIM-SM PIM-SSM IGMP v2/v3 IGMP Proxy Max 1K Group Support IGMP snooping IGMP Join/Leave PIM-ECMP Support IGMP Join Filter/Count Limit DHCP Server/Relay Blocks illegal IP users DHCP option82 DHCP Snooping DAI(Dynamic ARP Inspection) 

QoS Features 

DBA(Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) Support LLID for GEPON Layer 2: Source/Destination MAC Address, VLAN ID, 802.1p Field Layer 3: Source/Destination IP Address, DSCP Layer 4: Source/Destination TCP/UDP Port Flow Classification through CoS, VLAN CoS Marking/Remarking: DSCP, 802.1p based on IEEE 802.1p bit support 8 priority levels or equivalent based on TOS (IP Precedence/DSCP) Packet Drop Mirroring/Redirect to Port Metering, Rate Limiting with 64Kbps unit Rate Limit per subscriber Rate Limit per service per subscriber Peak Information Rate (PIR) Sustained Information Rate (CIR) 8 queues per port SPQ, DWRR, Hybrid (SPQ+DWRR) Egress rate shaping per port/queue with 64Kbps unit  

Security Features 

Netbios, NBT filtering DHCP filtering Packet filtering with ACLs Destination MAC address Ether type VLAN ID Destination/Source IP address Enable/Disable data encryption upstream/downstream Illegal Source MAC address block ALL 0s, 1s, System Mac, Default G/W Mac Illegal Source IP address block Broadcast, DLF, Multicast packet rate control Source MAC based excessive traffic Block ONU/ONT auto discovery Static Mac address Mac filtering Max Mac Number limit Port based Self Loop Detect IP anti-spoofing ARP packet traffic limit Blocking of user-to-user flows Subscriber Isolation MAC Address Anti Spoofing ARP spoofing / ARP cache poisoning IP spoofing DHCP spoofing Broadcast flooding MAC address spoofing MAC flooding 802.1Q tagging 

System Security Features 

RADIUS, TACACS+ Telnet, SNMP with ACL DHCP, 82/60 option DHCP, PPPoE(option105) and static IP CPU Packet Filtering with ACL CPU overload Packet traffic sender block TCP sync attack protection with sync cookies CPU packet rate-limit Management packet priority control Gratuitous ARP  

Management Features 

Telnet, SSH, SNMP v1/v2/v3 GUI Based Management through EMS Remote OS Upgrade using TFTP, FTP Dual Flash Image Remote Configuration Data Download NTP Packet monitoring with TCPDUMP RMON, Syslog Type based Port, CPU Packet statistics