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  • U9016B-GPON 2 x 10GE Uplink Interface and 4 x GE Uplink Interface
  • 19” Chassis with 2 RU Height, 3 slots
  • 1 x SCU, 2 x PIU, 2 x PSU module

U9016B-GPON 2 x 10GE Uplink Interface and 4 x GE Uplink Interface

  • 19” Chassis with 2 RU Height, 3 slots
  • 1 x SCU, 2 x PIU, 2 x PSU module
  • All Front Access
  • Redundant Power Supply Unit (AC/DC)
  • All Units are Hot-swappable


U9016B is designed to be placed anywhere which can be powered by either DC or AC source. It has compact 2U box type form factor which enables all front access.

U9016B comprises of SCU(Switching & Control Unit), PSU(Power Supply Unit), and PIU(PON Interface Unit) along with the 2U chassis. The unit has 2 slots for PIU which has 8(eight) 2.5GPON ports on the card. And the SCU of U9016B has 4-ports of 1000Base-X (SFP) and 2-ports of 10GBase-R (SFP+) itself for uplink interfaces. The PSUs are hot swappable regardless of powering types.

The PIUs for U9016B are fully compatible with U9264H, which will be a great benefit in reducing CAPEX and OPEX when customer build a PON network with multiple sets of U9016B and U9264H.


  • 19 Rack mountable Shelf structure
  • 3 Card Slots
  • Hot Swappable Cards
  • 1G x 4PORT(SFP), 10G x 2PORT(SFP+)
  • 1.25G GE-PON 8 PORT per Card
  • 2.5G GPON 8 PORT per Card
  • 1 FAN Interface Module
  • Dual Power Supply(AC, DC), Hot Swappable



Number of PON Interface 

8 Ports Hot-Swappable card Max 2 Cards 

Network Interfaces 

4-port 1000Base-X (SFP), 2-port 10GBase-R(SFP+) 

Management Interfaces 

10/100Base-TX, RS-232 (Console) 

Power Supply 

DC type : -48V  

Dimension (WxDxH) 

Main body: 482mm x 88.8mm x 295mm 

Operating Temperature 




PON Features 

Full ITU-T G.984.x GPON OLT functionality. 4K port-ID and 1K alloc-ID Support ITU-T G.984.4 ONT OMCI Multiple T-CONTs per ONU (ONT) Wire speed processing On-chip embedded reassembly buffer per GPON channel 2.5 Gbps downstream rate on each PON channel 1.25 Gbps upstream rate on each PON channel Supports up to 512 Alloc-IDs per GPON channel Internal GPON SERDES and Burst CDR 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption engine for PON security and privacy with up to 128 unique keys. Flexible optical transceiver interface for multiple vendor support. ITU-T G.984 compliant Forward Error Correction (FEC) encoding and decoding for an improved link budget. Hardware-based configurable Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) IEEE 802.1D bridging: 8K MAC Address learning and aging on local interface IEEE 802.1p with four priority queues IEEE 802.1Q VLAN mapping 

L2 Features 

802.1Q, Max 4K VLANs, 4K VLAN IDs Private VLAN 802.3ad Link Aggregation Load-balancing based on source and destination MAC/IP 802.1d Spanning Tree Protocol 802.1w Rapid STP Per VLAN STP IGMP v1/v2, Snooping Max 1K Group Support Static Mac Address Port Mirroring 

L3 Features 

Static Routing RIP, OSPF, BGP Default Gateway VRRP ECMP Max 8 paths PBR (Policy Based Routing) PIM-SM, IGMP v2 Max 1K Group Support DHCP Server/Relay Blocking of illegal IP users DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection) 

QoS Features 

Layer 2: Source/Destination MAC Address, VLAN ID, COS Field Layer 3: Source/Destination IP address, DSCP Layer 4: Source/Destination TCP/UDP port TCP control flag Marking/Remarking: DSCP, COS Packet Drop Mirroring to Port, Redirect to Port Metering, Rate Limiting with 1Mbps unit COS Queue DSCP - Queue 8 queues per port SPQ, DWRR, Hybrid (SPQ+DWRR) Egress rate shaping per port/queue with 1Mbps unit 

Security Features 

Netbios, NBT filtering DHCP filtering Packet filtering with ACLs Block the illegal Source MAC address ALL 0s, 1s, System Mac, Default G/W Mac Block the illegal Source IP address Broadcast, DLF, Multicast packet rate control Cut-off of illegal traffic per Source MAC Static Mac address Mac filtering Limitation on Maximum Mac counts Port based Self Loop Detect 

System Security Features 

RADIUS, TACACS+ Telnet, SNMP with ACL CPU Packet Filtering with ACL Isolate the users who generate overly CPU-intensive Packet TCP sync attack protection with sync cookies CPU packet rate-limit Management packet priority control Gratuitous ARP